Reason For Traveling With Fastnet Line

  • "Good ship, Good service and very friendly staff" - David L
  • Return Fares include 2 nights luxury en-suite accommodation onboard our cruise Ferry Julia.
  • You save on fuel! – on average 600km per round trip compared to the Rosslare – Pembroke / Fishguard Routes.
  • You arrive relaxed and refreshed within a short distance of the motorway infrastructure both sides of the Irish Sea.


Our top 10 reasons for travelling with the Fastnet Line

  1. Bring your own car - Travelling by the Fastnet Line means you get to bring your own car with you and this means no queuing in airport to pick up a hire car. So no need to figure out which side of the steering wheel the indicators are on, or adjusting the chair and mirrors to suit you, or getting use to the dimension of the car, or what side of the car the patrol tank is on.
  2. An abundance of space - When you board the Fastnet Line and leave your car, you can wander as often as you would like and move around freely to explore all that the Fastnet Line has to offer
  3. Over Pack - The Fastnet Line doesn’t charge for baggage, so bring as much as you can fit in your own car! Kids toys, golf clubs, fishing rods, and a pair of shoes for each day of your holiday! All baggage is included in your costs
  4. Shop till you drop - On the Fastnet Line you can shop whilst your travel, rather than rushing around before you leave, which means you can take time to explore the shops at your leisure and take advantage of the many fantastic deals on toiletries, fashion, electrical and souvenirs
  5. Bring all your toiletries - No need to pack your 100ml toiletries into a small plastic bag when travelling on the Fastnet Line, as you can bring as many toiletries as you like, in whatever size container you need.
  6. Bring all the family - with kennels available onboard the Fastnet Line, why leave your pet at home and worry a out additional costs for them to be looked after whilst you are away
  7. Entertainment for all - there are many things to keep the whole family entertained on the Fastnet Line including Kids play area, casino and cinema
  8. Dine in comfort - there are a selection of Bars and restaurants on board the Fastnet Line, offering fantastic food and drink and a choice of tempting dishes to suit all ages.
  9. Overnight accommodation included in the price - The cost of your journey on the Fastnet Line includes the cost of onboard overnight accommodation.
  10. No hidden costs - everything you pay is clearly stated at time of booking, no hidden taxes, no car parking fees, no excess baggage charges or charges to select a seat!

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