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We’ve had a few questions about our Online Bookings system - we hope that this page will help to make it clearer.
If we haven’t answered your question here, please use this form to contact us - and we’ll get right back to you.

Q. Help! - I can’t see how to book a cabin ?
A. Simply select your travel dates on the first page of the Booking system - then press ‘Continue’ to see the cabin options.

Q. Which cabins have two lower beds?

A. Only our four berth cabins as well as superiors and suites have lower beds. Please call our reservation office if this is a problem for you.

Q. I’ve got as far as booking a cabin - and I want to book a cabin for two people. Do I put ‘1’ or ‘2’ in the box ?
A. To book one cabin - choose ‘1’ - selecting ‘2’ will book you two cabins.

Q. I don’t understand what the Booking system is telling me! It says “1 of 2 Berth Cabin” ?
A. This means you have reserved one ‘2-berth’ cabin - so “2 of 2-berth cabin” would mean that you’d reserved two ‘2-berth’ cabins.

Q. I am travelling on a day time sailing, do I need to book accommodation?
A. It is not necessary to book accommodation on a day time sailing. When booking, just click "Continue" on the accommodation page to proceed.

Q. I’m a Co-op shareholder - how do I book?
A. Please phone our Booking Office on +353 (0) 21 4378892
- we’re sorry but, at the moment, our UK Booking Office is unable to deal with Shareholder enquiries.

Q. I’m in the UK - and I want to speak to somebody about my booking - do I have to call Ireland ?
A. Not at all - please call our UK booking line on 0844 576 8831

Q. I’m in Ireland - and I want to speak to somebody about my booking - who do I call ?
A. You can call our Irish booking line on 021 4378892.

Q. Can I cancel my booking?
A. Fastnet Line allows you to cancel your booking but terms and conditions apply.

Q. Why must I give my mobile phone number when booking?

A. You mst provide us with a mobile telephone number at which you may be contacted at all times in case of late changes to sailing departure times or for disruption caused by bad weather etc. Failure to provide us with a number at which you may be contacted even when away from home will result in any liability for missed sailings resting entirely with the customer.

Q. What are Fastnet Line's cancellation fee's?

A. Cancellations made 8 or more days before sailing: £40/€45 fee applies. Cancellations made 3-7 days before sailing: 50% of fare applies. Cancellations within 48 hours of or after sailing: 100% of fare applies. Fares are based on travel dates, time of departure and availability. Tickets are only valid for the sailing dates/times indicated thereon. If the length of stay abroad is amended, or a change is made to a different sailing or the terms of the ticket or any promotion misued then the difference between the cost of the original ticket and the appropriate applicable fare will be charged.

Q. Can I use my laser or debit card online?
A. At present debit cards cannot be used when booking online. These can however be used when booking via telephone and are not subject to the 2.5% credit card fee.

Q. What are your booking terms & conditions ?

A. For a full list of our terms & conditions please click here.


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