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The Jedward Phenomenon

Friday, May 13th, 2011 by Paul
John and Edward Grimes



It is extremely difficult to be cynical about John and Edward Grimes the teenage pop sensations from Lucan outisde Dublin. The identical teenage twins, known collectively as Jedward and their iconic hair first burst into the limelight in 2009 as contestants on the X Factor in which they finished sixth. Incidentally Joe McElderry won that series. Joe who?

Today Ireland is in the gip of “Jedmania” and it seems every schoolchild in Ireland dreams of being a “Jedhead” all due to the phenomenal interest they have generated in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest. Jedward seem to attract love an devotion from their teenybopper followers in equal measure with the approbation heaped upon them by the seemingly more mature (if only in years) critics they attract. A frequent complaint being that they “can’t sing”.

Now as someone with a propensity for cynicism beyond my tender years and being somewhat of a musical snob I should be exactly the kind of person to whom Jedward should be anathema. And yet. And yet. I find their artless charm totally winning me over. They are an “entertainment” in its purest form and bring a smile to my lips every time I see or hear them. I find it utterly beside the point whether or not they can sing in tune or at all and I believe they are completely of their time in this depressed country of ours.

That old hackneyed phrase comes to mind and for the first time it seems totally believable, “If Jedward did not exist, we would have to invent them”.  I hope they captivate Europe tomorrow night in Dusseldorf and win the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 for Ireland. From all of us here at Fastnet Line we wish you good luck, Jedward. We are very much part of “Team Jedward”. Your country has need of you now.