Glandore/Union Hall

Glandore and Union Hall are another of the out of the way delights of West Cork. These two small villages at either side of the harbour reflect back at each other the beauty and peace to be found in small communities. Union Hall is still a working fishing port and the brightly painted shop fronts in the town make it seem a film set which in fact it was, being one of the locations for the 1994 film “The War of the Buttons”. Food and drink are needs never to be ignored while in this part of the world and you won’t go far wrong if fish is your food of choice. A selection of places to stay nearby means you never have to leave. Glandore has a big reputation for such a small place and the list of its cosmopolitan inhabitants year round is testimony to its beguiling qualities. Its small harbour is frequented by the sailing and cruising fraternity and there are no lack of activities should you wish to pursue them locally but in truth most people seem to like to “hang out” and enjoy the food, wine and conversation which is the social currency here. Nearby Drombeg Stone Circle is a place which though describable, is best felt – the small circle of stones and remains of the living quarters of our ancient ancestors set on a plateau overlooking the sea is an atmospheric reminder of life three millennia ago.

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